What to expect – First week of new Academy Curriculum

28 August 2021

If you are here, it’s likely that you will be one of the first parents to have enrolled your child in our new Academy Curriculum!

We are extremely excited to be sharing it with you. It’s been a labour of love and is a culmination of the years and years of experience of our collective coaching team. We set out to produce a structured learning system that will enable our students to take more ownership of their learning and offer greater insight for both our students and you, their parents. We think we have achieved this and more!

What will the first class look like?

During your kids’ first classes this week, their coaches will be taking some time to explain to them how the curriculum works, how they can progress and what they can expect – not only for the rest of the term, but for their ongoing journey with Parkour DXB. The curriculum is a long-term learning commitment that will help our students develop into well-rounded Parkour athletes and young people. There will still be a lot of movement, as there always is, but we hope that this induction will inspire our students to aim high in their Parkour training.


Building from the ground up!

All students, regardless of experience, will begin the term at Unit 1, Level 1. The level represents the movements, not the ability, and will still be scaled according to each student. Starting from Level 1 ensures that any gaps in their training so far will be filled, so students are fully equipped to progress to the higher levels. We have designed the curriculum to build level on level, like one brick upon another, building a strong foundation that will in time build strong and resilient Parkour practitioners.

Students will be able to progress at their own pace and climb up the levels and units as quickly as their ability allows. Those students who are joining Unit 2 classes right away will start working on the Unit 1 content first, and we expect that they will move through the first unit quickly.

The Student Handbook & Starter Pack

Your child will receive their new Student Handbook and Parkour DXB T-shirt at their first class. The full Starter Pack with extra goodies has been delayed due to shipping cancellations of the new Parkour DXB bag, so we’ll give the rest of the packs out in full when the bags arrive. We hope you agree that the bags look pretty great and will be worth the wait. The bag will contain our brand new Parkour DXB pencil and stickers, which we think you might agree will be much more likely to get home safely if they are delivered inside the bag!

The Student Handbook is the cornerstone of the curriculum and will act as a record of your child’s achievement and progress through the curriculum. It is very important that they keep it safe and bring it to every class so that their coach can sign off on their progress. If the handbook is lost, a new one must be purchased and your child may have to demonstrate some of the moves again to get them signed off.

Hear more about the new Academy Curriculum from our Head Coach Barry in the video below:

Let’s do this!

We are so excited to see you all in the coming weeks and see how this new curriculum will improve you and your child’s experience with us. As always, we will be very open to your feedback and suggestions as we roll this out – we have built this for you and your child, and it’s your opinion that counts!

Look out for more blogs in the very near future containing some deeper dives into the Academy Curriculum.

If you’re new to Parkour DXB, book a free trial to experience the Academy Curriculum for yourself!