Where “Parkour DXB” is mentioned, this covers Parkour Sports Services LLC and all umbrella operating names. This also covers any employees who operate for Parkour DXB and partner operating names.

“The company” refers to Parkour DXB and the extended definition from definition no.1.

Where “customer” is mentioned, this refers to any students using our services / attending our academy/classes and their responsible parent/guardian (if applicable).

“Clubs” refers to any facility where Parkour DXB are running their products.


The purpose of this policy is to set out methods and procedures so that:

  1. the customer can understand their rights, and;
  2. Parkour DXB can operate with clear rules and guidelines.


This policy applies to all Parkour DXB customers and clubs.


Parent / Guardian Waiver

By signing this waiver, I consent to the named student participating in Parkour DXB activities. I recognise that the accompanying staff will be responsible for their supervision and care as far as can be reasonably expected.

I acknowledge the need for mature and responsible behavior of the student and I believe that this can be expected of them. Students must be able to follow instructions and the Parkour DXB rules as displayed within the facility. Behaviors such as violence and bullying are considered unacceptable and will result in a ban from Parkour DXB locations and services, without any refund of membership fees.

I acknowledge that recreational activities can be dangerous with many inherent risks and hazards and can result in personal injury, including but not limited to muscular sprains, broken bones or death. The customer assumes and accepts all such risks and hereby waives the right to sue Parkour DXB for any personal injury or death in any way whatsoever caused by or arising from the customer’s participation in such activities.

I agree to indemnify Parkour DXB, its representatives, agents & employees, from all liabilities in relation to loss or damage suffered or caused by the named student, which result in the person named above failing to follow any reasonable instructions given to them.

I agree to inform Parkour DXB in writing, as soon as possible, of any changes to medical circumstances of the person named above either prior to or during the programme. I agree that in an emergency Parkour DXB or its representatives may authorise medical treatment for the person named above, if it is not practicable to consult me first. I will indemnify Parkour DXB and its representatives, agents & employees from any responsibility given to them, in relation to acting in ‘loco-parentis’ in the case of emergencies only.

I understand that photographs, audio and visual recordings of the participant engaged in Parkour DXB activities may be used for promotional and materials, such as websites, local and national media and I hereby give my permission for this. I understand that the information given may be kept on a computer database, which will only be accessed by Parkour DXB.

I confirm that I agree with the above declaration and the information on this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Expectations in relation to Covid 19:

I understand and agree that the person named above and their accompanying Guardian must follow the procedures outlined by Dubai Municipality related to COVID-19. These include:

  • Allow staff to measure body temperature before entering the premises.
  • The wearing of a face mask at all times, except only when participating in vigorous exercise.
  • Maintaining 2 meters of social distancing at all times.
  • Maintaining good hygiene practices, including regularly washing hands and the use of hand sanitizer.

Parkour DXB Academy Curriculum Policy:

Our Parkour DXB Academy Curriculum Policy allows us to maximise the safety, enjoyment and learning of our students. By completing part or full payment for enrolment in the Parkour DXB Academy Curriculum/Wallabies/Parkour Fundamentals classes, you are confirming that you have read and understood the points below. 

Term/class enrolment:

Students must bulk enrol for their chosen class(es) by paying the term fees in advance. Where the payment includes a deposit/reservation fee, the outstanding balance must be paid in full before the term begins for the enrolment to be confirmed.

Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes to receive the full benefit of the curriculum and missed sessions will not be carried over to a future term.

Extensions will be granted in the case of illness/injury only where a medical note is provided.


If your child cannot attend their class, please notify the office to cancel their space in advance.

In the case of illness or injury with a doctor’s note, or a Covid-related absence, please inform us at least 24hrs before the start of the class and we will offer a make-up session subject to availability

We are unable to arrange make-up sessions if you inform us without the required notice period or after the session has taken place.

Refund policy:

We are unable to offer refunds. An extension may be granted in the case of injury/illness with a medical note. In exceptional circumstances if a refund is approved,  a 20% processing fee will be deductible, and the remaining tuition fee will be refunded pro-rata based on the number of sessions remaining in the term.

Code of conduct:

At Parkour DXB we aim to help students become conscientious learners who are considerate of each other and of the environment they are training in. We take a zero tolerance approach to bullying.


In the case of repeated incidents of a student disregarding instruction, or where violence or bullying is involved, the student will be given a formal warning. This is a chance for the student and their parent/guardian to work with the coach to find a solution. If three warnings are issued, Parkour DXB reserves the right to dismiss the student from the class/course/term without refund.


Students arriving late for their class will only be admitted at the discretion of the coach. Latecomers who are not admitted by the coach will be considered the same as a no show/absence and will not be eligible for a make-up session.


Classes are currently drop-off and pick-up only, due to the current restrictions from Dubai Sports Council relating to Covid-19.

Parents/guardians/other spectators will not be permitted to enter the studio while a class is in progress. A coach may invite you to watch part of the class if appropriate. Otherwise, please respect the right of all students to enjoy the full duration of their class without distractions.


Photography/filming is not permitted during a class.

As per our waiver form, we may take photos and videos for use on our public channels such as the website, social media platforms and in our facility. By allowing your dependant to join a class you acknowledge that photos/videos may be taken which may be used for promotional purposes. Please contact a member of staff if you do not consent to your child being photographed/filmed.


Please note that coaching changes may occur due to illness, injury or other circumstances. Where possible, parents will be notified of this ahead of time via email notifications from our online booking system.



Join us in Circle Mall, JVC for Summer camps! 🎉 

#dubai #parkour #parkourdubai #parkourlife #dubaiactivities #dubaikids #kidsinspo #kidsactivities #kidscamp #dubaicamp

Join us in Circle Mall, JVC for Summer camps! 🎉

#dubai #parkour #parkourdubai #parkourlife #dubaiactivities #dubaikids #kidsinspo #kidsactivities #kidscamp #dubaicamp

5 days ago
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Check out Viktor doing a Macaco off a high obstacle! 👍🏻🥳

Check out Viktor doing a Macaco off a high obstacle! 👍🏻🥳

2 weeks ago
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Developing our aerial awareness by rolling off obstacles!!🤘

Developing our aerial awareness by rolling off obstacles!!🤘

3 weeks ago
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Practicing Jumps at todays Wallabies camp! 🤾🏻‍♂️

#parkour #parkourlife #parkourdxb #toddler #dubai #dubaikids #dubai🇦🇪 #activities #summer #dubaisummer

Practicing Jumps at todays Wallabies camp! 🤾🏻‍♂️

#parkour #parkourlife #parkourdxb #toddler #dubai #dubaikids #dubai🇦🇪 #activities #summer #dubaisummer

4 weeks ago
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We're Hiring! 🎉 

Are you ready for a new opportunity? Join our coaching team by submitting your application to the "Join the team" page on our website. You can also apply through the link in our bio!

We're Hiring! 🎉

Are you ready for a new opportunity? Join our coaching team by submitting your application to the "Join the team" page on our website. You can also apply through the link in our bio!

1 month ago
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