Get students excited about

Moving & learning

Physical development is a vital part of any young person’s ability to succeed. Parkour offers an exciting alternative to traditional sports; its non-competitive environment and emphasis on freedom makes it popular with young people who wouldn’t consider themselves “sporty”.

Parkour is ideal for building confidence and grit, as well as increasing strength and fitness.

We prepare young people for more than movement, through our Parkour core values

Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles. By jumping, climbing, swinging and vaulting, any obstacle that was once a barrier can become an opportunity for challenge and growth.

We know that learning is received best when offered in fun and exciting ways. That's why we offer our students more than just movement training. We teach them about the physiology of the movements they will learn and how a regular movement practice can improve their lives.

How your students can experience the

benefits of Parkour

There are multiple ways we can bring Parkour to your students and help them become more confident and active individuals.



Bring our hugely popular after-school activity programme to your school. Attracting kids of all ages, regardless of sport experience, it will add some diversity to traditional sports.



Let our world-class coaches come to you for a one-of-a-kind workshop. We can make use of your existing PE equipment or the outdoor environment around your campus for an authentic Parkour experience.



Bring your students to one of our bespoke Parkour academies for a deeper dive into the sport. Our venues also offer the opportunity for multi-sport experiences alongside our neighbours and partners.


Bespoke experiences

If you are looking for something truly unique, we’ll work with you to produce a programme or event around any school subject, creating an experience that supports curriculum-based learning with movement and real-life examples of principles in action.



The team are great and I can see a difference

My son has been coming to Parkour for about a year (since turning 3). The team are great and I can see a difference in how he jumps and lands.

Colin Henderson

Amazing people
amazing atmosphere

Amazing people amazing atmosphere and outstanding training. My son wanted to learn parkour and I found this place. Got him enrolled and was surprised to know he could improve so much in so little a time.

Sarwan Saleem


Always have a great time here and the equipment, knowledge and people are world class. Learning from passionate, awesome humans that truly love the craft.

Josh Kieser

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