More on Our Intermediate Classes

The intermediate class is a chance for our more developed students to take a step deeper into Parkour and understand better what is really is to be “Intermediate” or “advanced”.

Parkour at its entry point is a very technical discipline, so you learn where to put your hands and feet, coordination for the timing and moving your body in ways that are new to you.

The next level deeper is the realization that these techniques are upheld by your strength, mobility, power and endurance. Before you know it you’re doing exercises that you didn’t find interest in before because you now have a purpose for doing it.

Without realizing it, you’ve now wandered deep into the realms of the mental side of Parkour. The part of Parkour that I believe makes people say “it’s a way of life”. This is where the intermediate class starts. Not coming from a technical or physical viewpoint, but having the awareness, determination, forethought, self-control, lenity and creativity so that these techniques and exercises truly mean something to you, so that when you do them you feel connected and respectful to your body.

In Parkour you build yourself up for you, for your joy, so that you can feel yourself travel through the air and be 100% certain that when you return to the ground that it will feel seamless. You build yourself up so that when you move, it feels natural and looks effortless.