Parkour is a call to your inner child – to reconnect with your natural desire to play and explore your environment.

School Programs

Our extracurricular School Programs offer an exciting alternative to traditional sports. The skills we teach include balancing, rolling, climbing, jumping, and more! We have many years of experience working with and engaging youth of all ages, and we offer safe and fun classes for both primary and secondary schools in the UAE.

The Curriculum

Parkour DXB delivers an after school curriculum incorporating the physical techniques and skills of parkour as well as important concepts that are crucial to youth development, including problem solving and teamwork. We utilize the space and equipment at hand to make sure each class is engaging and educational. The classes are fun, energetic, and constantly creative, and encourage everyone to fulfill their true potential!

Our Instructors

Our instructors are some of the most experienced Parkour practitioners and instructors in the world. They are all CRB-checked and possess the international ADAPT qualification. All instructors are fully insured to teach the sport, and are trained in First Aid and Child Safeguarding. All activities are carried out under the rigorous supervision of these expert individuals, who maintain an attitude of dynamic risk management at all times.

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