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At Parkour DXB, we offer more than Parkour Coaching, we deliver Parkour Education.

The difference is that we support your kids to be strong and confident individuals in all areas of their lives, not just in their Parkour ability.

We know through personal experience the power that Parkour offers to individuals to grow confidence, foster determination and build perseverance, all of which are important elements in a happy, healthy and successful young person.

Our Academy

In Action

Our bespoke curriculum and classes are designed to provide a structured learning environment that includes technique drills, problem-solving challenges and learning objectives.

We cultivate a non-competitive atmosphere that enables our students to work on themselves and improve with their own unique talents.



Our coaching framework is optimised to ensure that all of our students grow to be strong athletes and well-rounded individuals.

Here are just a few key elements that have gone into our one-of-a-kind Parkour curriculum.

Our classes offer a combination of technical drills, strength and fitness work and games to maximise learning potential. Short periods of independent learning help to foster creativity and collaboration.

As well as physical techniques, we believe in giving our students skills that will be useful to them outside of Parkour: teamwork, communication, risk awareness, self-awareness and more.

We coach kids from 3yrs+ and start by focusing on key physical skills such as balance and coordination, building in more focus on technique and strength as they get older.

We limit our class sizes to ensure that every student that comes through our academy gets the attention they deserve.

Students reserve their space in the same class times each week, so they can get to know their classmates and coaches really well.

Our small class sizes and consistency of coaches allows us to offer personalised feedback for every student. We also allow time between our classes specifically to make our coaches available to you.

How to get started at

Parkour DXB

Step one

Book & attend your free trial

All new students to our academies get their first class with us for free!

The free trial takes place in one of our Parkour Fundamentals classes, designed to give a fun and exciting overview of Parkour techniques to prepare them for enrolment in the curriculum.

Step two

Enrol in the curriculum

Now that your child has had a great time at their trial class, they will want to sign up right away!

You now need to choose the number of classes your child would like to attend each week. Every additional class creates more time for practice and improvement, as well as a chance to make more friends.

Step three

Pick your class times

When you enrol in your preferred classes, they become yours for the entire term. This means your kids have the same coach and classmates each week, offering more consistent feedback from their coaches and helping them to build stronger friendships.

Step four

Let’s move!

Once enrolled, your child will begin their journey through our curriculum and develop their Parkour skills. They will build on their progress week-by-week, getting fitter, stronger and more confident. At the end of each term, every student is assessed and given the opportunity to receive feedback from their coaches.



The coaches are simply outstanding

Right from day 1 and our son felt at “home” at Parkour DXB in Al Quoz. He has literally never had a single session where he doesn’t goes to nor leaves the class with a great satisfaction!!! The coaches are simply outstanding and very well prepared.

Coach Pedarin

The team are

My son has been coming to Parkour for about a year. The team are great and I can see a difference in how he jumps and lands. I also like that they have different start times for each age group – so you can find something that works for your weekend plans
🙂 Pricing is very reasonable, too

Colin Henderson

Amazing people,
amazing atmosphere

Amazing people, amazing atmosphere and outstanding training. My son wanted to learn parkour and I found this place. He is moving much more lightly now and is not afraid of trying new things. Looking forward to many more years of training for my son.

Sarwan Saleem

Frequently asked


Do I need to book in advance?

Booking in advance is essential for all of our classes, camps and events. This is to ensure we have space available for your chosen session(s) and so that a physical activity waiver can be completed in advance for all new participants. In most cases, payment is required in advance to reserve your space.

What time should I arrive and what should my child wear/bring for class?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the advertised start time as all of our sessions will start promptly with important safety information and a warm-up. Latecomers may not be permitted to join.

Students should wear comfortable sports clothes (e.g. shorts & tshirt) and trainers with a rubber sole. Please bring a full bottle of water.

Can I watch my kids during their class?

All of our sessions are currently drop-off and pick-up only due to the Dubai Sports Council restrictions that state that no spectators are permitted for indoor sport activity. When this changes, parents will have access to limited seating inside the facility. In the meantime, the best way to experience Parkour with your kids is by doing it together! Check for the next available Family Parkour session on our Events page.

What happens if my child can no longer attend their booked class?

If your child cannot attend their free trial class, please notify the office at least 24 hours before the start of their scheduled session to be eligible to reschedule. Please note that if we do not receive 24hrs’ notice of cancellation, there will be a fee for the rescheduled session.

For full details of our cancellation and make-up policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I pay per class?

The Parkour DXB Academy Curriculum classes are open for term-long enrolments only. Our students follow a structured curriculum which focuses on providing a well-rounded Parkour education, and this requires consistency and commitment to regular classes to ensure students get the most out of their experience with us.

If you are just visiting Dubai and can’t commit to a regular enrolment, our Parkour Fundamentals (5-10yrs) classes and some of our Wallabies (3-4yrs) classes are open for one-off bookings.

Do you offer free play?

We offer Open Gym sessions on weekdays 7:30pm-9:30pm and Saturdays 12pm-2pm, open to anyone and supervised by a coach, where students are encouraged to practise in their own time to complement their in-class learning.

Do you accept children of determination?

We try to make Parkour accessible to all and we welcome children of determination. We have coaches with experience of working with students with a range of medical, behavioural and learning conditions.

We are happy to accept children of determination in our group classes if they are able to take part independently (without the support of a parent/guardian). This is to ensure that the coach can focus equally on all of the students within the class.

If your child needs more support than we could provide in a group environment, they may be better suited to Private Tuition. In private sessions, the coach will develop a bespoke learning plan tailored to your child’s individual needs and learning style.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best support your child.

What are your Covid safety procedures?

We are following the advice of Dubai Sports Council regarding safety measures for our classes. Please note that the below procedures may change during the term to align with any changes made by Dubai Sports Council.

  • Students sanitise hands before and after every session.
  • Equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after every class.
  • The facility is deep-cleaned every day.
  • Masks are required for everyone aged 6yrs and above. Masks are not required during strenuous exercise, as per the Dubai Sports Council regulations.
  • Students are required to maintain social distancing throughout their classes and within the facility.
  • Class sizes are limited to within Dubai Sports Council guidelines.
  • Spectators are not permitted within the facility.



Sometimes you just need to experience it to know how it feels. Sign up for one of our free trials and get moving!