Our Story

Parkour DXB is the emergence of a 20 year journey full of stories, obstacles, dreams, passion, achievements and amazing people.

The discipline of parkour has always been, since day one, a quest for identity. Parkour DXB is the result of a way of thinking and living. Hungry to grow, learn and thrive we see potential to improve ourselves through overcoming obstacles one after the other. 

We believe in a practice at the service of your well-being and promoting a better life. We are not here to jump, we are here to live and hopefully a happy and meaningful life. Moving with purpose. 

Our logo is the symbol of movement, complementarity, and the connection between the Earth and the Air. It’s about moving, body and mind developments and personal growth. 

We aim to make the original spirit of Parkour available to whoever wants to move, think and live differently. We encourage movement as a mean to grow and evolve. 


Stephane is one of the few in the world who has been exposed to the origins of Parkour in the late ’90s. He is most well-known for his distinct flow and soft touch, as well as pioneering many of the modern-day Parkour moves like the “Kong”.

He also played a central role in choreographing the award-winning documentary “Jump London” in 2004 - which popularised Parkour globally. 

Stephane’s journey across the world has seen him perform and educate many on the discipline of Parkour all over Europe, Brazil, US, Australia, Asia; and now the Middle East.

Chris has a background in fitness. A natural communicator; Chris’ contagious smile, positive energy and motivation has people of all ages gravitating towards him.

Chris discovered Parkour in 2009 when he met Stephane in Thailand who initiated him into the discipline. After a few years of training under Stephane and Johann Vigroux, Chris was able to combine his coaching skills and Parkour abilities.

Chris was a key link in introducing Parkour to the fitness industry and created a platform for the discipline across Asia. After helping set up PK Generations in Asia, Chris decided to move to the UAE to share his passion for Parkour and Fitness

Barry has a background in skateboarding and climbing and he started practising Parkour in late 2005 after watching the BBC’s Jump london documentary about Parkour. Being a skateboarder Barry was comfortable with training outside on the streets in his hometown Chelmsford, UK. There was no training facilities at that time but the urban architecture provided everything he needed. His specialty is commitment to whatever move he is performing and having an acute sense of his abilities and trust. Hesitation is not in his formula.

Mohammed started Parkour in late 2011 in his hometown Cairo, Egypt. With Jackie Chan as his inspiration he decided to join his friends when they started training and with no background in sports Mohamed has pushed himself physically and mentally and became on of the well respected athletes in Cairo. His specialty is power jumps and flips.

Reem started practising Parkour in 2012 as one if the first females in Cairo Egypt, with Egyflow team with no background in any other sport she was challenged physically but she recognised her passion to this discipline that helped her become more fearless. Her specialty is connecting movement in her own style.

Harry began first found his passion for movement in dancing. Spending a lot of his childhood years practising ballet, tap and commercial dance while dabbling in a few others. So when he first witnessed Parkour in 2007, he didn't need much convincing. From Essex in the UK, Harry spent a lot of time in a large community and had plenty of places to hone his skills and develop his powerful style of movement.

The great instructors that make you feel like you’re in safe hands also encourage me to face my fears and challenge myself. Definitely a fan.