Parkour is one the fastest growing disciplines in the world - spanning countries, transcending boundaries, race, and gender. This is the way it has been since the early days of Parkour’s creation.

Born in France, parkour was always meant to make its way to a wider audience, across borders and reaching faraway lands around the globe.

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Our Story

Parkour DXB is the emergence of an 18-year journey full of stories, obstacles, amazing people, tears and joy...

The first steps that eventually lead to the realisation of Parkour DXB were back in 1998 when Stephane Vigroux started his parkour journey in a suburb of Paris. This is where he learned parkour from the source, and with the founders of the discipline. Stephane studied under David Belle - a prominent parkour figure - for many years. Stephane was completely immersed, discovering and training under this discipline intensively - which he quickly benefited from on a deep personal level. Parkour was helping Stephane to grow and improve both physically and mentally, providing him answers to many different aspects of life. Experiencing these changes in himself, Stephane was confident that parkour could also benefit others. In 2001 he decided to first start teaching and sharing the practice of parkour with others.

One step after another, one obstacle after another Stephane made the decision to move to London in 2006. After he choreographed the Channel 4 documentary “Jump London” - parkour began to get a lot of interest in the UK. The teaching demands increased, parkour was becoming popular – so Stephane and his group had to find a way to pass on their knowledge - while keeping the essence, spirit and fundamentals of parkour alive.

Stephane co-founded the first parkour teaching company in the UK; Parkour Generations, co-created the first recognised parkour trainer qualification program ADAPT, and co-founded the first National Governing Body for the sport of parkour; Parkour UK. The beginning of professional parkour teaching had begun.

Always on the move, enjoying his travels, discovering new cultures, and meeting new people; Stephane made the leap to Asia – to live in Bangkok, Thailand. Still with the idea of teaching and sharing parkour with those interested, another fascinating chapter in his journey was about to begin… one that lead closer to Dubai and Parkour DXB.

In Bangkok Stephane approached his good friend Chris Sotiriou to create a parkour teaching network and company that aimed to delivery a professional parkour education to the Asian region. With Chris’s naturally positive personality, great aura and energy – Stephane knew that collaborating with him would lead to a successful experience together.

Chris comes from a fitness background, and started training parkour with Stephane to relearn how to move in a more natural and functional way. Although Chris started parkour fairly late in his life, he displayed tremendous hard work, commitment and dedication to the practice – and as a result has achieved most of his physical goals in the recent years. Stephane is sure there are many more to come for Chris in the near future too!

Always looking for new horizons and challenges – reflecting the mentality of parkour - Stephane and Chris decided to leave the now established parkour scene of Asia to head for the Middle East. And what better place to go to than Dubai!

With only one travel bag each, and no real plans on how to develop parkour in Dubai - Stephane and Chris started with what they knew and did best; teaching and sharing the parkour method to whoever was interested.

Launching their activity in a new city where it was perceived as an elitist and inaccessible practice; their first outdoor parkour class had only ONE student – a humble beginning to say the least! That was their starting point, which Stephane and Chris saw simply as another obstacle they had to overcome. Word of mouth and consistency with their coaching delivery took care of the rest. Quickly, more people started to show interest, and several magazine and newspaper articles helped to spread the word.

Around this time Stephane and Chris also crossed paths with two new business partners, who offered to help grow their parkour venture in the United Arab Emirates. Together they strongly believed that parkour could create a massive positive impact for the community in Dubai - through engaging people in more movement, health and fitness. The new partners set out to work alongside Chris and Stephane to support and grow their offering of quality parkour teachings for the UAE and its citizens.

As a result, Parkour DXB is now opening its first academy at Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai - the first parkour only facility of its kind in the region, welcoming everybody who wants to try and experience the unique practice of parkour.

Welcome to Parkour DXB, the home of Parkour in the UAE.

Let’s move!

Team Parkour DXB

Meet The Team

The team at Parkour DXB represents the best of parkour origins, and the modern day fitness evolution.

Our coaches are qualified, highly experienced professionals - always prioritising the quality of the teachings over quantity.

We are here to ensure the parkour community in the UAE grows strong and healthy!

Stephane Vigroux
Stephane Vigroux
Chris Sotiriou
Chris Sotiriou
Jereme Sanders
Jereme Sanders
Andrea Brooks
Andrea Brooks

Stephane Vigroux

Stephane is a legendary traceur and one of a few in the world who has been exposed to the origins of Parkour in the late 90’s. He is most well known for his distinct flow and soft touch, as well as pioneering many of the modern day Parkour moves like the “Kong”.

In the famous documentary “The Monkey’s Back” - Stephane was the first French traceur to spread the message about the Parkour spirit and philosophy to the world. He also played a central role in choreographing the award documentary “Jump London” in 2004 - which popularised Parkour globally.

Stephane’s journey across the world has seen him perform and educate many on the discipline of Parkour all over Europe, Brazil, US, Australia, Asia; and now in the Middle East.

Chris Sotiriou

Chris has a background in fitness and marketing. A natural born communicator; Chris’s contagious smile, positive energy, and motivation has people of all ages gravitating towards him.

Chris discovered Parkour in 2009, when he met Stephane in Thailand who initiated him into the discipline. After a few years training under Stephane and Johann Vigroux, Chris was able to combine his coaching skills and Parkour abilities.

Chris was a key link in introducing Parkour to the wider fitness industry, and created a platform for the discipline across Asia. After helping setting up PK Generations Asia, Chris decided to move to the UAE to share his passion for Parkour and fitness.

Jereme Sanders

Jereme was already interested in movement and fitness, having begun training Zujitsu-Ryu, a fusion of Jujitsu and other traditional Japanese martial arts, in 2003. Jereme started teaching Parkour professionally as a member of American Parkour's (APK) performance team; the Tribe, in 2008.

Jereme has a major in Kinesiology from UTSA, and also expanded his Parkour knowledge by training as a rock climber, working at the UTSA climbing wall. As the founder of ParkourSA (San Antonio – USA); Jereme still travels, competes, teaches, and performs full time as an active member of the international Parkour community.

In March 2016 Jereme took his professional career to the next level internationally; joining the Parkour DXB team as a Head Coach. Jereme is a highly qualified, with a broad knowledge of the Parkour discipline – he’s excited to share his personal approach to movement with the Parkour community in the UAE.

Andrea Brooks

Andrea is a Level 2 ADAPT Parkour coach. Andrea has a background in gymnastics.


"The great instructors that make you feel like you're in safe hands also encourage me to face my fears and challenge myself. Definitely a fan."

Yi-Hwa Hanna, Editor Women’s Health Middle East

"It's the mind & body aspect of parkour training that I thoroughly enjoy and I leave each class feeling amazing. The quality of the coaches at Parkour DXB is top notch and we are lucky to have them here in Dubai - thank you guys for the great times so far and can't wait to learn more!"

Simona Sotirovska, Co-Founder FitnessLink ME

"Most fun I’ve had training in a long time - practicing how to balance, jump, climb, and crawl on different obstacles - and I feel like a kid again! Thanks to the excellent coaches that have also helped me become more confident in my abilities."

Paul Frangie, Chef & Owner of hapi
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